23 Mar 2012


Mario paid his $40 (on sale) team dues

New member

Welcome Bruno from Lexington to the team!


First practices are Wednesday, March 28 at 6 p.m. at Seneca Park and Saturday, March 31 at 11 a.m. at Seneca Park.


Right now is the cheapest price for USAFL player registration/dueshttp://www.usafl.com/rego …please go to Nationals this October (l3/l4)

Equipment & Supplies

Jack purchased a portable tent/canopy. Any one else have one for the JHMC?

Still looking/pondering where the second set of posts are, who has footies, and if anyone has any uniforms of any era (Geelong unis and Kings unis) that need to be returned.

We’ll need two scoreboards for JHMC.

Marketing & Recruitment

Discussion of the need to purchase a new banner with the new logo, website, and QR code to hang during events and practices. 3’x6′ or so. (Kiley can design and get printed for the team.)

Recruiting is key this year. Flyers have been emailed. Please put up or hand out at least one to support the future of the club. If you need flyers, please let Jack, Sleepy, or Kiley know.

Kiley working on business cards and supporter letters (for sponsorship) for the club.

Sister Club

Mario and Jack are working on rekindling our relationship with the Geelong Cats as a sister club through the support of the USAFL


Any sponsor success?

Kiley & Jeremy have gotten Smashburger to sign as a sponsor. Special thanks to Kiley’s dad for choosing to be a part of the Louisville Kings family!

John Harrell Memorial Cup

JHMC – April 28 at Seneca Park followed by After-Party at Molly’s and then followed by the after-after party at Churchill Downs.


Meeting 3.21.12  |  5:30-6:30pm
In attendance: Jack, Sleepy, Mario, Jeff, Surfin Jesus, Wes, Alex

Recorded and submitted by: Jack Jacobs, President