09 May 2012


Mario paid his $40 (on sale) team dues.

John Harrell Memorial Cup

We will be charging $60 per team to pay the umps.

Bill wanted to remind all players to cut fingernails and remove jewelry before Saturday’s tournament.

Please bring a case or several cases of water to provide to visiting teams.

Chris Parsley will help paint the fields Friday evening at 6 p.m. Please join us at 6 p.m. if you’d like to assist.

Art Williams with Metro Parks was contacted and a message was left to request field be mowed.

Saturday please join us at 10:00 a.m. to setup the field if possible (be there by 11:00 a.m. for warm-ups).
You will be able decide if you would like to join one of the two combined squads if you feel you’d like more playing time.

Goal posts sets

Sleepy and Jack will purchase and pickup, team dues may be used to reimburse some of the purchase.

Game idea

Sleepy made a suggestion that we have an alumni vs. new guys metro game this season (old guys and new guys).


We encourage you to register at USAFL as a player and pay the dues so that you get the best deal in order to play in the National tournament dues.


Meeting 4.25.12  |  5:30-6:30pm
In attendance: Bill, Sleepy (Eric), Evan, Trick (Patrick), Brian, Brandon, Jeff, Michael, Jack

Recorded and submitted by: Jack Jacobs, President