09 Jul 2012

New Flyers

We will distribute these soon.


Thinking about switching practices up to get new people interested? Cherokee? Tom Sawyer?


Who’s going?

Club Bar?

Anyone have any ideas?

Friday Night Metro League?

Anyone up for playing games on Fridays? Maybe a Saturday? Would help with the lapse in games.


We encourage you to register at USAFL as a player and pay the dues so that you get the best deal in order to play in the National tournament dues.

if you haven’t already.

St. Louis

Is it a yay or nay? Need to find out. If not, maybe set up a game with the River Rats?


Meeting 6.20.12  |  7:30-8:30pm
In attendance: Most everyone from practice, plus Kiley!

Recorded and submitted by: Kiley O’Laughlin, Secretary